Design Services
Site analysis
Design Synthesis
Concept Design
Cost Analysis
Constructions Drawings
Site Analysis
Measure existing lot
Locate existing elements to remove or remain
Analyze existing conditions i.e. views, noise, slopes, wind, sun/shade patterns, etc.
Define possibilities and constraints
Design Synthesis
Analyze site attributes and constraints
Brainstorm idea for your outdoor living areas
Bubble diagram studies help to visualize different layout options
Sections and sketches to help convey design ideas and spatial relationships
Concept Design
Cost Analysis
Refine design concept
Develop design elements
Locate general design elements on plan
Provide descriptive callouts
Provide concept detailing
Provide preliminary plant legend and determine planting scheme, i.e. tropical, drought tolerant, etc.
Count proposed hardscape features
Establish estimated plant material required
Count estimated irrigation systems
count estimated lighting systems
Count estimated drainage/grading area
Count any special features, i.e. fountains, arbors, fireplaces, etc.
Determine need and cost for outside consultants
Determine demolition cost
Construction Drawings
Make final decisions on hardscape materials, colors, finishes
Detail hardscape elements to meet or exceed local building codes
Coordinate with outside consultants
Design planting plan layout
Design irrigation plan layout
Design lighting plan layout
Design grading/drainage plan layout to ensure proper flow of water, connect to rain gutter system
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